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Hope Encounters International Inc. is established as a ministry of hope, reconciliation and restoration for couples and family relationships.

We believe that the marriage unit is of supreme worth and that healthy family units are still the undergirding strength of the fabric of societies around the world. Homes, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, health care, governments, regions and countries and world organizations are all influenced by individuals who have been raised in a unified or a broken family unit. Investing in this smallest unit of society – the marriage relationship – is of great value and worth.

We believe that the Bible and psychology both offer insight and tools for establishing and maintaining healthy, hope-filled relationships. The core values of HEII are based on Christian principles and incorporate valuable learning from research based psychology that supports the objective truth of the Bible.

Disclaimer: HEII defines marriage as being limited to one man and one woman who are lawfully married to each other. Lawfully married includes a common-law marriage of one man and one woman if it is recognized as a lawful marriage by the couple’s province or country of residence. While we believe in offering dignity to all other relationships, this organization is neither experienced nor trained to deal with same-sex marriages, thus the focus of HEII is for heterosexual couples.

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