Two Hearts, One Dream
  • A Hope Marriage Encounter weekend is for couples who care about their relationship and want to move it to greatness.
  • It is a weekend designed to help couples grow their love relationship.
  • It is a place and time where married couples can slow down and reconnect with each other.
  • The weekend is an intentionally focused time that invites couples to break from daily routines and the demands of a busy world. It invites them to focus on something of supreme worth.
  • A Hope Encounter Weekend is all about providing a space and time-out for couples to grow closer by rekindling their love, and growing hope-filled relationships.
A Hope Encounter Weekend is:
  • A marriage focused weekend for couples
  • Not a conference or workshop.
  • A place & time where couples can rediscover intimacy and grow their marriage dream
  • An opportunity to hear from other couples
  • A place to learn objective and relational truths
  • A place to gain relevant communication tools
  • An experience of love in action
  • A community of couples with a common purpose

What happens at a Weekend?

The weekend is generally hosted at a hotel or a retreat facility.

It begins with a reception at 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening and concludes by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.
Other than basic introductions at the beginning of the weekend there will be no public speaking required of you. There will be no expectation for you to role-play or crazy skits. Couples will have numerous opportunities to share in the privacy of their room.
Marital themes are presented after which couples are given time to reflect on questions to facilitate their relationship and better communication. Many practical tools are offered that will benefit you and your marriage. You will hear stories and encouragement from other couples who have previously lived a marriage encounter weekend, and who have reached a whole new level of intimacy in their relationship by applying the things they have learned.
This weekend can be a life-changing experience, if you are willing to invest yourself into what the weekend has to offer to your personal marriage relationship!
By investing yourselves honestly, you can expect:
  • To gain new levels of communication and understanding
  • To receive tools and insight to help you work through impasses
  • To refresh your desire and strengthen your dream for a great relationship to change your marriage forever.
It’s a place and a time to be encouraged and revive hope for your future!
What is the cost?
The cost to the couple is a $300 fee ($150 of which is non-refundable should the couple cancel). This should be included with registration form.
Although the entire cost of the weekend is $900-$1000, no other fee is required from the couple. The remainder of the costs are covered by donations from people who believe in supporting marriages and is a gift to the couples attending. An opportunity (without obligation) to “share the gift forward” is given at the weekend if couples should wish to respond in kind. All donations over $20 will be receipted for charitable purposes.
What to bring?
Bring comfortable, layered clothing; also walking shoes or swimwear if you wish to take advantage of the break provided on Saturday mid-afternoon, to go for a swim or go for a walk in the park on Spadina Cres. All meals and snacks are provided, unless you have a favorite snack you wish to enjoy in the privacy of your hotel room.
How to register?
Contact us at 306-230-7603 to have a registration form emailed to you; or go to the Registration page on this website and complete the registration form. You may email it to us at: hopeencountersint@sasktel.net . Options for electronic payment are available (e-transfer is preferred), or you may send us a cheque along with the completed registration form.
What do others have to say about an encounter weekend?
Testimonial:  “I only wish that we would have known about a marriage encounter weekend earlier in our marriage. It would have saved us so much pain and many wasted years. We have told many of our friends and even people we don’t know about how valuable this weekend is. We’ve encouraged many couples in Canada, the USA, and even in Europe that if there is a marriage encounter weekend available to them, that they should not miss the opportunity to take in the entire weekend. It has revolutionized our life!” – CJ
Going into our encounter weekend, we had been struggling silently. We were ashamed and felt alone. Our weekend helped us reconnect and learn how to communicate. We were supported by amazing couples willing to walk along side us. We left our encounter a new couple… Who fell in love all over again…With a renewed faith in Christ.” -S & T