DATE: April 26-28, 2024
PLACE: Park Town Hotel Saskatoon
FEE: $350 registration fee is necessary to reserve your place. Registration is limited.
Click below to see a short video regarding Hope Encounter Weekends!
To register please complete the form on the Registration page and email it to
Who is a Hope Encounter Weekend for?
Heterosexual Married Couples of any adult age, faith or no faith at all who desire to improve their relationship.
A testimonial:
Going into our encounter weekend, we had been struggling silently. We were ashamed and felt alone. Our weekend helped us reconnect and learn how to communicate. We were supported by amazing couples willing to walk along side us. We left our encounter a new couple… Who fell in love all over again…With a renewed faith in Christ.” -S & T
Costs for the weekend?
A $350 fee is required along with a completed application form to reserve a couple’s spot for the Weekend. $150 is non-refundable if the couple cancels after acceptance.
Although the cost of a weekend is approximately $800/couple, all other related costs for the weekend are covered through donations and fund raising activities as a gift to couples who wish to attend.
Couples are given an opportunity at the conclusion of the weekend to donate if they wish to “share the gift” for other couples to experience a future weekend. There is no obligation to donate. This is an opportunity only. Any gift that is given makes a difference in another couple’s marriage. 100% of all gifts will go directly to the costs of supporting the next Hope Encounter weekend and related events. All gifts over $20 will be issued a tax deductible receipt.
What to bring?
Bring comfortable clothing, swimsuit or walking shoes if you wish to take advantage of a swim or a walk during the Saturday afternoon break. All meals and snacks are provided.
To register please complete the form on the Registration page and email it to
Eligibility: HEII defines marriage as being limited to one man and one woman who are lawfully married to each other. Lawfully married includes a common-law marriage of one man and one woman if it is recognized as a lawful marriage by the couple’s province or country of residence. We acknowledge and offer dignity to couple relationships not covered by this definition. However this organization is neither experienced nor trained to deal with same-sex or trans-gender marriage relationships, thus the HEII weekend is for heterosexual couples.